There are many different financing options for many different purposes supplied by many different lenders. Financing is generally one of two types, working capital and asset. Working capital is short term financing allowing you to run your business while your cash is tied up in inventory or receivables. Many small businesses struggle when a few key customers don’t pay their invoices in a timely manner. Likewise if inventory is not moving due to seasonal fluctuations or slower sales cash flow may become an issue. Asset financing is long term in nature and allows a business to purchase equipment etc. to produce their products. Traditional lenders such as the banks provide both types of financing. Other lenders include factoring companies which specialize in financing receivables, private asset based lenders financing equipment, government agencies financing emerging technologies, key industries and exports and private lenders usually specializing in real estate. Small businesses may find it difficult to arrange financing for a new enterprise without a track record. Banks offer government guaranteed loans for asset purchases with little personal exposure, otherwise most small business owners will have to offer up some kind of personal security for business loans. The federal government provides excellent resources for obtaining information on both private and government financing at the Canada Business website