Immigration & Citizenship

  1. Canada is responding as quickly as possible to the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan by helping bring Afghan citizens and their families safely to their new home. We remain firm in our commitment to resettle 40,000 Afghan nationals, and our partnerships with provinces, territories and settlement service providers across the country are key to achieving this goal.
  2. Newcomers to Canada play a crucial role in the future of our country and contribute in important ways to our society and economic recovery from the pandemic. To ensure newcomers settling in small towns and rural communities have access to essential services during their first year in Canada, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced an investment of more than $35 million to expand resettlement capacity and settlement services across Canada.
  3. For 2 decades, Canadians have worked side by side with Afghan nationals to improve security, democracy and human rights in Afghanistan. Now Canada is welcoming people who face risks as a result of this vitally important work.
  4. “Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Citizenship Act, a major moment in Canada’s history and a milestone on our journey to full independence and nationhood. Before the Act, the people of this country were British subjects – we have forever since been Canadian citizens."
  5. With the significant exception of Indigenous people, all Canadians originally come from somewhere else. The story of immigration fills many chapters in the history of Canada—including the most recent one. To support Canada’s post-pandemic recovery and chart a more prosperous future, the Government of Canada set a target of welcoming 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, as part of the 2021–2023 Immigration Levels Plan.
  6. Virtual event on the Protection and Empowerment of Displaced Women and Girls from Central America and Mexico
  7. “For as long as we can remember, freedom of movement has provided human beings with a greater quality of life to meet their changing needs. On this International Migrants Day, we join our friends and allies across the world in coming together to celebrate, promote and protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all migrants."
  8. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser announces the Permanent Atlantic Immigration Program to attract workers and drive economic growth
  9. Immigration is vital to the future of communities across the country, and nowhere more so than Atlantic Canada. Over the past few years, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot has brought and retained thousands of newcomers to the region. These new Canadians have helped communities thrive, businesses prosper and the region’s population grow.
  10. Canadians everywhere have been watching with worry as the people of British Columbia keep facing extreme climatic events like catastrophic floods and landslides. While the loss of human lives is the most concerning, we’ve also come to realize that people directly affected may need to replace vital lost or destroyed documents, including travel, citizenship and immigration documents.
  11. Canada has a long, proud tradition of standing up for human rights at home and abroad. On this International Human Rights Day, we join our friends and allies around the world in reaffirming and celebrating the importance of human rights, while recommitting ourselves to building a world where they are respected by all.
  12. As a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is a major contributor to international peace and security, Canada is taking a lead role in ensuring that NATO is able to resettle all its Afghan staff who were evacuated. As part of the commitment to welcome Afghan refugees, the government is resettling up to 472 NATO-identified locally engaged staff and their family members.
  13. As a friend, ally and regional partner, Canada is committed to helping countries in the northern part of Central America address high levels of violence and growing social and economic instability. These difficult conditions have forcibly displaced thousands—including many women and girls—and contributed to a significant increase in irregular migration, which puts already vulnerable people at greater risk.
  14. As Canada welcomes Afghan refugees, private sponsors across the country are stepping up. A significant number of Afghan nationals will be arriving as privately sponsored refugees, sponsored by individuals, groups and communities across Canada.
  15. I was pleased today to conclude a productive visit to Guatemala. As the current Chair of the Central America and Mexico Comprehensive Regional Protection and Solutions Framework (known as MIRPS) Support Platform, I represented Canada at the Annual Ministerial Meeting, where we discussed increased cooperation to manage the migration challenges in the region.
  16. On November 23, 2021, the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants officially opened.
  17. Canada is one of the top destinations in the world, with millions of people from across the globe hoping to come here every year to settle, visit or work. To navigate the immigration system, many people turn to consultants or other services for help. While nearly all operate honestly, unscrupulous actors can exploit the system and take advantage of people. That’s why the Government of Canada is strengthening the regulation of immigration consultants to protect those who wish to come here.
  18. The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, issued the following statement:“As the new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, it’s important for me to mark National Francophone Immigration Week because I am proud to celebrate the contributions of French-speaking newcomers to communities across Canada, as well as our country’s linguistic duality.