Some conversions from one system of units to another need to be exact, without increasing or decreasing the precision of the first measurement. This is sometimes called soft conversion. It does not involve changing the physical configuration of the item being measured.

By contrast, a hard conversion or an adaptive conversion may not be exactly equivalent. It changes the measurement to convenient and workable numbers and units in the new system. It sometimes involves a slightly different configuration, or size substitution, of the item.

Enter your initial measurement into the appropriate calculator, and click the "=" button to convert the value.

Standard to Metric Conversions
Feet and Inches to Meters: ft, in meters
Feet and Inches to Centimeters: ft, in centimeters
Pounds and Ounces to Kilograms: lbs, oz kilograms
Pounds and Ounces to Grams: lbs, oz grams
Fahrenheit to Celcius: ° F ° C
Metric to Standard Conversions
Meters to Feet and Inches: meters ft, in
Centimeters to Feet and Inches: centimeters ft, in
Kilograms to Pounds and Ounces: kilograms lbs, oz
Grams to Pounds and Ounces: grams lbs, oz
Celcius to Fahrenheit: ° C ° F