A budget helps to aid the planning of actual events by forcing those who manage to consider how conditions might change and what steps should be taken to encourage those involved to consider problems before they arise. It also helps co-ordinate activities by compelling everyone involved to examine relationships between their own needs and those of others.

This calculator will help you determine your expenses and estimate your total surplus income.

It lists most categories of income and expenditure, but is very flexible, allowing you to make as many entries as you wish. Based on the figures entered, your estimated total income, expenses and budget surplus will be calculated.

  1. Enter the values for your monthly income and expenditure
  2. You may change the value in any field at any time
  3. Click the "Calculate" button to calculate your result
  4. If you want to start again at the beginning, click the 'Reset' button
  5. Close this window to return to the Tools page
Salary after tax: $ Mortgages: $
Government Benefits: $ Rent: $
Super./Pension: $ Utilities: $
Interest/Dividends: $ Credit Cards: $
Annuities: $ Loans: $
Other Income: $ Insurance Policies: $
  Car Expenses: $
  Living Expenses: $
  Entertainment: $
  Education Expenses: $
  Other Expenses: $

Total Income: $ Total Expenditure: $


This value is simply your Total Income minus Total Expenditure