Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency works to create opportunities for economic growth in Atlantic Canada by helping businesses become more competitive, innovative and productive, by working with diverse communities to develop and diversify local economies, and by championing the strengths of Atlantic Canada.

Canada News Centre
  1. Federal government support will boost tourism and create an enhanced visitor experience
  2. Virtual reality training programs will benefit from cutting-edge technology improvements
  3. Atlantic Canadian companies, accelerators, and incubators seize opportunities, build connections, and position the region as a leading startup hub at Startupfest 2024.
  4. Government of Canada to announce support for AREA 506
  5. Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is a necessary step to protect the climate and create a more sustainable economy in Atlantic Canada and across the country. As Cape Breton moves toward a greener future, the Government of Canada is investing to help the Town of Port Hawkesbury prepare for the growth of promising new industries and sectors with a valuable economic impact.